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Bruneck is located in the center of Val Pusteria, it’s the capital of the valley and the main meeting point of the vacation area. The municipality includes the villages of St. Georgen, Stegen, Villa Santa Caterina-Aufhofen, Lunes, Ameto-Amaten, Teodone-Dietenheim and Riscone- Reischach where the ski lifts of Plan de Corones-Kronplatz are located.

The city also offers cultural attractions such as the Provincial Museum of the traditions and costumes of Teodone, the Museum of Reinhold Messner "MMM" Ripa which has offices in Bruneck Castle, the "MMM" Corones located at the top of the mountain and designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid and the City Museum in Bruneck.

The town is also connected to the trails of the Val Pusteria (which take you up to Lienz in Austria) and with those of the Valle Aurina.

The most prominent features of the town are the Stegen Market, the City Festival, the Summer Concert in the main City Square and the charming Christmas Market which takes place over the Christmas period.      



Bruneck in winter


Bruneck offers, in every season, the ideal conditions for sports, for both amateurs and professionals.

​                                            Winter sports: 

Skiing, Snowboarding:
Plan de Corones, the mountain of infinite possibilities.
Plan de Corones is every skier or snowboard enthusiast’s dream.
There are no limits, be it on groomed slopes, off the track, the Half Pipe or après-ski.​

Cross-country skiing:
Classic style or skate – on perfectly prepared tracks near the valley station of Plan de Corones.​


Have you ever wished you could, on a clear night with a full moon, in the midst of the snowy woods, sink your feet into pure white snow and only hear the sound of snow crunching under your feet? If so, Bruneck and its surroundings is the perfect place for you!

Ice skating, hockey, curling:

In the ice palace of Bruneck, weekly meetings of the HCP Bruneck (A Series) are held. Skates are available for rent.
If, however, you prefer to go ice skating in the open air, there are several skating rinks (illuminated at night) near Bruneck to choose from. It’s also the right place for those who are fond of curling.


                                                                             Summer sports:

Whether the weather is favorable, or not, no lover of water should have to give up this pleasure. The indoor pool in Riscone has a large lawn to lay around, which those who love the sun can take advantage of. More information.​

Walking tours:
One of the most beautiful ways to get to know the surroundings of Bruneck.​

Trekking and climbing:
Bruneck is promoted as an ideal starting point, not only for hiking through beautiful high-altitude meadows and verdant mountains, but also for high altitudes excursions and climbing in the nearby natural parks of "Riesenferner" and "Fanes Senes and Braies".​



The brand- new  Climbing Center located in Brunico, boasts 2500 m2 of climbing area, 270 climbing routes,  90 lines. It offers,  both in summer and in winter, teaching  but very technical areas as well. Heated in winter,  cooled  in summer.  One of the best in Europe!

Mountain Bikes and cycling:
T​he bike path in Val Pusteria is approximately 61 km long with an elevation gain of just over 400 meters and goes from Rio Pusteria  (777 m) to San Candido (1173 m). When at San Candido you can continue and reach Lienz (Austria) after 44 km. On the way back one can take the special train car for bike transportation.
Bruneck - Campo Tures
From Bruneck (835 m) you can continue on another bike path that leads to Campo Tures (862 m) The path is 30 km, with a journey time of approximately 2.5 hours and a vertical drop of 100 meters. The degree of difficulty is easy, suitable for families and beginners.
From Campo Tures you can continue on a busy road with traffic until Predoi (1475 m) in Valle Aurina.
Anterselva di Sotto – Lake of Anterselva
From Valdaora (1048 m) along the road we climb along the Valley of Anterselva.
The route from Anterselva di Sotto till the Lake of Anterselva is 9 km, with a journey time of about 2 hours (round trip) and a vertical drop of 553 meters. The degree of difficulty is medium, suitable for experts.
Dobbiaco – Lake of Dobbiaco
From Dobbiaco (1240 m), taking the main road, one can then return to the lake of Dobbiaco.

Horseback riding:
The various stables situated around Bruneck offer horseback riding lovers and outdoor riding tours, but is also available for jumpers, so all riders can find what they’re looking.​

Naturally, even fans of the "white" sport are able to find public and private tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor.​



Rafting is feasible in all this area. Please contact the specialiced centers - Rafting Club.



A very suggestive mountain green is located in the sport area of Riscone -  Golf Club - 9 Course.


Bruneck in summer
Sporting activities in Bruneck and its surroundings
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