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The Cron4 - The Cron3

For lovers of relaxation and well-being, Alping Apartment offers a special deal wich provides for reduced prices at the Aquatic Center Cron4 with five pools (Sportpool - Activpool - Funpool - Babypool - Solepool) and at the Saunas-Wellness SPA Cron3 as well. 

Cron 4 and Cron 3, wich are absolutely cutting edge in Europe among establishment like these, are both located in the hearth of the idyllic natural countryside of Riscone, at the center of the sports area (Im Gelände, 26 - Reischach).

The same deal also applies to the outdoor olympic swimmingpool in Bruneck (Neurauthstrasse, 1 - Bruneck).

For more information please contact us or click on the "Cron4" link on the site.

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